Plan Your Visit

Consultation and make an appointment


  • Contact Chiron Total™ for a consultation or to request an appointment for your preventive health checkup.
  • Based on factors such as family history, age, and pre-existing health conditions, our specialists help identify the health checkup programs that are most suitable for you.

Health Checkup


  • Chiron Total™ strives to provide the best service possible with the highest regards to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • All tests are conducted on the same day at one site, including MRI, CT….
  • Female tests are conducted in an exclusive, convenient female-only area.



  • Per Chiron Total™’s billing and finance policy, full payment is required at the time of your appointment prior to any services being provided.
  • We accept cash,  checks, and major credit cards. A $35 NSF fee will be charged for any returned check.
  • You may be eligible to receive insurance coverage. However, we cannot guarantee  insurance coverage due to the preventive nature of the program. If your insurance determines our services are excluded from coverage or is not medically necessary, you will not receive any reimbursement from our insurance.

Results and Post Service


  • Customers receive their health checkup results via mail or can pick it up directly by visiting Chiron Total™ (walk-in).
  • If needed, Chiron Total™ will arrange an appointment with physicians and/or specialists to discuss the health checkup results.


Chiron Total ™ is a medical marketing and research organization located in Irvine, CA.


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