Cruisin’ for a Cure ( is the world’s largest one-day charity car show with over 3,500 vehicles on display and over 200 vendors and exhibitors. KSK Medical Group-KSK Cancer Center of Irvine  provides a free prostate cancer screening  including PSA blood test and digital rectal exam.

This past year, over 1,000 men were tested at the Cruise. Of these, 144 were discovered to have an elevated PSA count of over 2.2 and were instructed to see their doctor for further testing. Over the past several years, over 10,000 men have been tested at the show and hundreds of lives have been saved.

From Dr. Tokita:

Cruising for the Cure is the largest single Car Show in the United States. It was started by a wonderful young lady whose husband died of prostate cancer. She very much wants to get as many men as possible tested for prostate cancer since the cure rates are now so high. This can easily be done with a PSA blood test and rectal examination. If either test is abnormal, this will lead to further evaluation to see if it is indeed cancer or not.

To accomplish this, the car show sponsors FREE PSA blood test and rectal examination by physicians. The PSA is the finest cancer screening test ever developed. There is no other blood test available for other types of cancers, that are nearly as good as the PSA for prostate cancer. And, as you all know, prostate cancer is now the most common cancer in men.

If prostate cancer is picked up early, it is now almost always curable. At the KSK Cancer Center Irvine, our overall cure rate is 88%, and in the early cases closer to 95-97% curable. Additionally, the complications from treatment, whether surgery or radiation are now very low.

We strongly encouraged in a male over 50 to have a PSA which can be done for free at the partial, and to have annually thereafter. You should also always be combined with a rectal exam.

Much of the profit from the car show is donated to the Cancer Center of Irvine for cancer research. This cancer screening for prostate may indeed be the largest one day annual screening for prostate cancer in the world today.


From Karl, CEO of Chiron Total

“Our goal in the upcoming years for the Crusin’ for a Cure event is to expand its reach into new communities and people.  This is our first attempt to reach out to the Korean speaking community and attract people who may not be comfortable with a purely English speaking event.  In future years, we hope to add other groups, such as Chinese and Vietnamese speakers.  Preventative healthcare remains a focus for us at KSK Medical and Chrion Total.  Anytime we can help men get screened for prostate cancer fits well into this model.”