Somang Society invited Dr. Kim and held “Health Concert” at Somang Hall July 28th. ( Chiron Total Sponsored)

Dr. Kim, a graduate of Seoul National University Medical School, has completed a course on preventing cancer in the U.S. for 32 years as a professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. Dr. Kim Eui-shin concluded that cancer is not yet curable with modern medicine. There are a number of cases in which today’s drugs are not effective tomorrow due to different gene sequences and serious genetic variation in cancer. It is most important to prevent cancer.” Since cancer is related to genetics, Dr. Kim also advised cancer not to be under severe stress as it is a disease caused by genetic variants.

Different people have different stress levels, but if the body is stressed out enough to overcome, the risk of developing cancer increases .As the best way to prevent cancer, Dr. Kim emphasizes the need to live a fun, exciting and singing life like Songhae, the longest-running MC known for its song bragging. This is because Song is always living with a sense of purpose to carry out his busy schedule while singing. “The amounts of enzymes and hormones differ depending on thoughts and minds,” Dr. Kim said, adding, “People who sing and live happily recover from illness quickly,” adding that the number of immune cells in the body will increase. Dr. Kim also explained that there are many immune cells of musicians and church choirs have more immune cells.

However, according to Dr. Kim, there are people who are miraculously cured of cancer. In the case of a very small number of patients, they gave up because they did not heal well by resorting to various methods. This is said to be impossible to explain medically.
According to Kim, there are currently two components that are scientifically known to be effective in cancer: kakamin, which is included in curry, and “Shel Pelex,” which is included in aspirin, a pain reliever.