The Hope Society (the president of the Boon Ja Yoo), which is striving to establish a well-being and well-dying culture in the Korean-American community, was successfully completed with the participation of about 200 people from the Somag Forum held in Laguna Woods Village, a retirement village where many Koreans live. At the request of the Korean Association of Laguna Woods (President Jeong Peter), the 5th Somang Forum held at the Club House 5 in Laguna Woods Village on May 5, “Did you choose? Funeral procedures and inheritance: Don’t put off any longer for your family’s sake,” was provided by the UC Irvine Body Donation Program, Mark Brook, the head of the Degnity Memorial funeral director, Rupe Matiz, and the inheritance specialist Walter Choi, as speakers. In addition, the medical health service company, Chiron Total, sponsored the event, presented a $ 2,000 dementia check up to one participant.